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3 Linens We Love

Tablecloths, runners and napkins are a great way to add color, texture, and variety to your table-scape. We are always looking for options that are affordable, durable, and beautiful. Here are three products we ordered...and then ordered more you can plan fall parties that will pop, well in advance!

We found these when planning for a large event. We needed 50+ napkins that would look the part, but not cost the price that many similar products did. As soon as we opened the package, we knew we'd struck gold. They are soft, lightweight, require no ironing, and come in a wide variety of colors to suite every occasion.

We needed a green velvet table runner to complete a green and gold themed table-scape, which is perfect for fall. We went on to purchase the same runner in burgundy too! We love the rich color and texture it added to the table. And at this length, it can fit any size table with room to drape at the ends.

We purchased these in at least three colors! They can be arranged in several ways to compliment centerpieces, or run the length of the whole table. They are durable, and withstood countless washes without showing any wear, snags, or tears. The dusty rose color we linked above was our most popular pick, but we also loved the blue, white and cream. (We even snagged a couple from our stash to throw on our home dining tables when company comes).

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