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5 Must-Haves for Your Luxury Picnic or Outdoor Event

When we started Picnickery, there was a season of trial and error. We had ideas that flopped, and some that absolutely rocked - and we did a LOT of learning in-between. If you are thinking of starting a picnic business, or simply want to set up a luxury picnic experience for friends, here are five items we deem absolutely essential!

blue melamine plates, blue and white decor, outdoor picnic, tablescape

We learned this one right out of the gate! We packed a beautiful glass plate for our first outdoor picnic and - you guessed it - it shattered! We had a cut finger, an impossible-to-pick-up mess and hardly any time to scramble for a solution before our guest arrived. From there on out, it was melamine or nothing! Sure, you could use paper or plastic options. But melamine offers a more expensive feel without the risk of breaking! Plus, you can use it time and time again. Here, we've linked a popular option that will match a variety of color schemes and themes.

acrylic goblets for outdoor picnic

For many of the same reasons listed above, these hobnail goblets were a favorite! They matched every theme we created, and added charm and texture to each table they graced. Even when guests were only drinking water, pouring into a non-disposable container added a touch of elegance to their experience. While the clear is linked above, we also love these blue and pale pink options as well!

customized chalkboard with personalized lettering

Our guests loved the option to personalize their chalk board. We wrote birthday messages, sweet 16 surprises and even some will-you-marry-me's (our personal favorite!). This double sided chalkboard can be used for any event as a simple way to show you care about the details.

rattan cushions, floor disks

These rattan cushions added a little boho and a lot of comfort to our picnics and events. Combining them with throw pillows creates a layered look and enables your guests to enjoy themselves for longer on the floor or hard ground!

picnic table with foldable hairpin table legs

Finding a portable but pretty option for our tables took time. Finally, we found a solution that worked for us. We choose a lightweight wood and a stain we loved, and added these foldable table legs. The result was a practical folding table...but pretty! This short DIY will save you major time and money in the long run.

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